DUPLEX is the meeting of two renowned musicians of the Belgian scene, Didier Laloy (diatonic accordion) and Damien Chierici (violin).
It is also the meeting of two generations and two different musical universes which at the beginning were not necessarily called to cross one day.
Didier has a background in traditional/world music and is known for having contributed to the revival of the diatonic accordion on an international level.
Damien, on the other hand, comes from the flourishing and creative Liège "pop/rock" scene.

In March 2020, the time of COVID-19 arrived and pushed the artists to reinvent themselves and explore new horizons. It was a great opportunity for them to embark on a new musical adventure and create DUPLEX where they merge their influences sprinkled with world music, electro-pop and cinematic atmospheres.

A dreamy, surreal and fantasized travel diary with a Belgian touch, made of multicoloured encounters and spicy flavours.

In order to complete the cast of the band, they brought along the excellent musicians Olivier Cox (drums) and Quentin Nguyen (keyboards).

Duplex Musicians

Didier Laloy
Didier Laloy
Diatonic Accordion

Samuraï, Belem, Belem & The Mekanics, Dyad, Trio Trad, S-Tres …

Damien Chierici
Damien Chierici

Dan San, Yew, My Little Cheap Dictaphone, Kowari, Glen Hansard ...

Olivier Cox
Olivier Cox

Sharko, Noa Moon, Yew, Jerôme Mardaga, Benjamin Schoos, Condore, Gaëtan Streel, Dan San, ...

Quentin Nguyen

Super Ska, Lyna, Tanaë, Walk On The Moon…

Co-production : Centre Culturel de Dinant & Centre Culturel de l’Arrondissement de Huy
With the support of : Sabam For Culture, la Maison de la Culture Famenne-Ardenne, de la Province de Liège and la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

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